About product

Samorga is the original felt bag organizer/insert!

Samorga is 100% handmade so the quality is never be compared with other mass factory products!

Also please be aware of imitation of samorga


SAMORGA is never produced / made in China.

We only have only ONE authorized dealer【阿蛋蛋酱SAMORGA Bag Organizer】in China, who does not make / produce SAMORGA in China.)


在中国,我们只有唯一授权售卖店铺【阿蛋蛋酱SAMORGA Bag Organizer】,但并不在中国进行生产和制作业务。


Our felt bag organizers will help you organize your bag neatly and not lose your personal belongings in your bag. Whenever you want to use another purse, you can just move it. In addition, the organizer makes your bag’s shape more beautiful. So, they will give you a lot of convenience and comfort in your daily life.

If you waste a lot of time to find a specific item in the bag, Samorga organizer is perfect for you!