Custom Order


We are specialized in customizing for our customers!

We can make a perfect organizer for you, based on your bag inner dimension.

If you want to customize your bag, please contact us!

For fast procedure, please provide us the following information.

  1. Measure inside bottom of your bag W x D and reduced the dimension around(around 0.25″ down, or 0.5cm ~ 0.8cm)  to allow the organizer in. Also decide the Height of the organizer you like.
    (Please no outer bag dimension or the dimension from the brand official website. Those measurements are not matched to the inner dimension. To make a perfect organizer, we need actual measurement of inside the bag.)
  2. Pick one model (pocket layout) from our website.
  3. Choose the color. Please note that 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm color palettes are different.