(3-103/ CHA-Deauville-L4) Bag Organizer for CHA Canvas Deauville Large Tote (39cm)




** HIGH QUALITY FELT ORGANIZER (Water repellent / Stain resistant finished) **

*2mm thick felt is the most standard and it gives appropriate amount of structure to the bag.

*1.2mm thick felt gives less structure than 2mm, and even could give *weak* feeling. The organizer size bigger, it gives less structure. However, some customers prefer sag looking and at the same time, they want to protect the bag lining. In this case, 1.2mm  is just perfect. It is a purpose of protecting bag linings from dirts and dusts.

*** Note: Even though some of color names are duplicated per thickness, the color might be slightly different by the felt thickness. For example, 2mm Red is not exactly the same as 1.2mm Red.



This organizer is suitable for Cha Deauville Large (A66941 / 30 × 50 × 22 cm according to official website, Bag actual width 39cm wide, please note that this is not an organizer size).
 It has a total of 7 pockets.
 Color shown: 3mm azure (This color discontinued)



*PLEASE NOTE: Designers’ handbag is not for sale. This listing is only for the sale of bag organizers which means our products are not related to the luxury designers’ brands. We are only providing the bag organizers to protect the bag lining from dirts & dusts, and to give long-life for the handbags.

Our felt bag organizers help you organize your bag neatly and not to lose your personal belongings in it.
The felt will comfortably protect your stuff from sliding and slipping inside of pockets.
Whenever you want to change to another bag, you can just simply move the organizer. So, they will give you a lot of comfort in your daily life.

If you have any question, please contact us! 


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Apricot, Ash Brown, Baby Blue, Beige, Black, Blueberry, Blue Green, Blue (Heather), Blush, Bright Orange, Brown, Brown (Heather), Camel, Cement, Charcoal, Cherry, Chestnut, Cobalt Blue, Coral Pink, Cool Blue, Cream, Dark Brown, Dark Dune, Dark Grey, Dark Navy, Dune, Eggshell, Emerald, Espresso, Forest, Grey, Hot Pink, Indian Pink, Khaki, Lavender, Light Grey, Light Yellow, Mustard, Mustard (Heather), Navy, Navy (Heather), Oatmeal, Orange, Orchid, Purple, Red, Scarlet (Heather), Seafoam, Sky Blue, White, Wine, Yellow, 1.2mm Baby Pink, 1.2mm Bamboo, 1.2mm Black, 1.2mm Black (Heather), 1.2mm Blue Black, 1.2mm Blue Ink, 1.2mm Blue Paon, 1.2mm Burgundy, 1.2mm Cafe Latte, 1.2mm Caramel, 1.2mm Cocoa, 1.2mm Cypress, 1.2mm Dark Pink, 1.2mm Etoupe, 1.2mm Fonce, 1.2mm Gold, 1.2mm Goyad Yellow, 1.2mm Gris, 1.2mm H-Orange, 1.2mm Light Blue, 1.2mm Light Etoupe, 1.2mm Linen, 1.2mm LV Brown, 1.2mm LV Leather Beige, 1.2mm Mint, 1.2mm Moss Green, 1.2mm Natural, 1.2mm Pale Blue, 1.2mm Pebble, 1.2mm Pivoine, 1.2mm Red, 1.2mm Redish Brown, 1.2mm Rouge, 1.2mm Safran, 1.2mm Skin, 1.2mm Soft Pink, 1.2mm Teal, 1.2mm Triomphe Brown, 1.2mm Vanilla, 1.2mm Vertigo, 1.2mm Violet

5 reviews for (3-103/ CHA-Deauville-L4) Bag Organizer for CHA Canvas Deauville Large Tote (39cm)

  1. 3 out of 5


    hi, I would like to get the Chanel deuville large tote in cloud color but can I request to remove the one side of the large pocket and replace with smaller pocket.. it’s not a review cause I can’t manage to contact so I msg here

    • SAMORGA®

      I emailed you 🙂

  2. 3 out of 5


    Will this fit in the leather version or only canvas?

  3. 5 out of 5


    LOVE this organizer! Fits perfectly in my chanel large deauville, creates structure so the bag will not slouch when the organizer is inside. VERY happy with this purchase!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Hello – can you please email me colors of what taupe, ivory and walnut look like? I’m looking for a beige/light brown color, if possible. Thank you!

  5. 3 out of 5

    Yen Nguyen

    Hi. My chanel bag is sz 35! Is it fit? What size if this organizer? 30cm or 35cm??

    • SAMORGA®

      Hello! If you have deauville large, there is handle and strap both. But with medium size, there is only chain strap.

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